The Knife and Fork thinks that every corporate event can be improved with a little bit of whipped cream fun - which is why we always send out a selection of whipped cream dispensers for every function. Expect our highly trained staff to be circulating around the guests fully armed and ready to unleash a torrent of whipped cream. Whether you expect if for your dessert, or with the after dinner drinks we'll be ready fr you.

We are ready and prepared for any corporate catering event. There is no style of catering that we are not capable of delivering. This might seem like a bold statement but we are able to back it up with actions! The secret to our flexibility is that we have a database of talented chefs - so rather have a "jack-of-all-trades" cook, who might be good but will believably be limited by their own personal experiences. Our approach is to call upon the chef that is an expert within the field/style of catering that you desire.

It is not just what you eat or even where you eat - but also what you eat off. The secret buffet is something that is often popular with corporate catering clients and can involve any thing, person or even animal that you wish to use as a plate - we observe the strictest possible standards when it comes to hygiene - so don't let the taste of skin scare you away.